Informational Videos

This video provides a brief overview of EMDR Therapy.

Jordan Peterson discussing why conflict avoidance is dangerous for relationships.

Jordan Peterson discussing how and why it’s important to have productive arguments.

If you struggle with avoiding conflict, Simon Sinek provides a simplistic and effective three step approach to navigate difficult conversations.

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the Five Love Languages, provides information on the five love languages.

Jordan Peterson discussing the necessity of possessing the ability to let go of the things and/or people that are hurting you.

Admiral McRaven provides words of wisdom by suggesting the mastery of small things in your life are very important.

Johann Hari providing another prospective on addiction.

This video describes the cyclical relationship between PTSD and substance abuse.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O is a children’s book.  With intentionally reading metaphoric relationship and codependency themes can be captured throughout the book.

Simon Sinek provides a brief description of how we often misinterpret nervousness with excitement.

Jordan Peterson discussing the importance of seeking meaning in life.